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translate 。。。into。。。 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

1,through a lot of practice 2,how I can get to 3,will buy for 4,can go home

get off the bus

1Make a poster 2Change the bad habits 3Received a letter from · · · · · · 4On the international food festival 5A dish of fish 6Food from different countries 7A wide streePleaset 8turn the empty basket

a pair of white socks

be strict in sth

被当作..使用 be used as 被某人使用 be used by sb 习惯于做某事be used to doing 过去常常做某事 used to do 最好做某事 had better do 一些女医生some woman doctors 足够咸 salt enough 错误的 wrong / not correct 想要使顾客高兴 want to ...

看样子没人帮你啊 就帮你一把吧~ 1. 走在街上时,他碰到了以前的老师,老师如今退休了(retire)。(while +-ing introducing another action happening at the same time) He happened to see his former teacher who had retired now while wande...

1.speeding ticket 2. cross the street 3.at the traffic lights 4. fall ill/ be ill/be sick 5.on the morning of Augest 9th 6.in June 7. do the disco 8. sth happened to sb.. 9. lie to sb/ tell a lie to sb 10. blow out 11.perform k...

1.be devoted to sth./doing sth.致力于某事、 做某事。 devote one's time/life/energy to...贡献某人的时间生命能力做某事2.可以做形容词devoted 如: a devoted worker,敬业的工人 a devoted husband对妻子忠诚的丈夫.

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