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不足之处在于The disadvantage is that

翻译如下 不足之处 根据语境deficiencies; shortcomings; inadequacy; defects;imperfection都可以 例句 据他自己声称,他的判断存在不足之处.By his own statement, there have been imperfections in his judgment.

你好!You should rethink your own shortcomings.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.


defect; deficiency; shortcoming 都可以表示Indecision is his chief defect.优柔寡断是他的主要的不足之处.The deficiencies in this plan are clear.这一计划的不足之处是显而易见的Rudeness is his chief shortcoming.粗鲁是他主要的不足之处.

你好 !这句话应该这样翻译 :真正幸福在于充分利用自身能力和天赋.

defect; deficiency; shortcoming 都可以表示

“不足之处,请老师同学批评指正” inadequacies, please teachers and students criticized" “不足之处,请老师同学批评指正” inadequacies, please teachers and students criticized"

Their good qualities are to be followed, and their shortcomings are to be avoided.择其善者而从之,其不善者而改之

1.I can get used to the study and work here.2.My handwriting isn't very good but I can improve it gradually.

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