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是pretty boy 吧

pretty boy 歌手:m2m i lie awake at night see thing in black and white i've only got you inside my mind you know you have made me blind i lie awake and pray that you will lock my way i have all this longing in my heart i knew it right from the star oh

贾斯丁比伯唱的baby 下面是歌词:ohh wooaah ohh wooaah ohh wooaah you know you love me i know you care you shout whenever and i'll be there you want my love you want my heart and we will never ever ever be apart are we an item girl quit

Counting Stars

是贾斯汀比伯演唱的《Baby》Oh woooah, oh woooooah, oh wooooah You know you love me, I know you care.你知道你爱我,我知道你在意 You shout whenever and I'll be there.你只要召唤我,我就会马上出现 You want my love, you want my

M2M - Pretty Boy试听:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/OoSigNhXKGA/

是这首吧 pretty boy I lay awake at night See things in black and white I only got you inside my mind You knew you have made me blind I lay awake and pray That you would look my way I have all this songing in my heart I knew it right from the start Oh

M2M的《Pretty Boy》你高潮的歌词不对!应该是:Oh my pretty pretty boy I need U.M2M的歌都很好听,再推荐一首《The day U went away》请采纳!

你说的是M2M的《pretty boy》吧.

《Sunny Day》Joy Williams 是这首吗?

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