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independence n. 独立, 自主, 自立(of; on) 能自立的收入 独立心, 自恃心 independence in judgement 独立判断(能力)

In my view, there are 8 reasons for us, the young, to be indepedent: 1.Personal independence boots your confidence Independent people naturally tend to be a little more confident on handling issues affecting their lives. This i...

父母应该培养孩子的独立性 Parents Should Help Children to Be Independent In our country,the only-one child policy has made more and more parents pay so much attention to their children that they would like to replace their child...

It is not necessary to develop/ establish merely the self-independence.

decrease the independency独立性降低

nowadays in china, many students are the only child in their family. they are the apple of their parents' eyes or even their granparents', so they are free of any house work or menial labor. and moral education is no more than ...

could develop their independent

面对竞争激烈的社会环境,如何培养孩子的独立性、自理能力,独立思考问题、解决问题的能力,自我服务的能力等独立能力,以便将来适应竞争激烈的社会,是每一位家长的心愿。 (一 )家庭是培养幼儿独立性的首要场所 任何一个孩子,都是由于父母的教...

So universities can exercise their independence 所以大学可以锻炼自己的独立性

Foreigners tend to be more valued for their individual independence, which is often viewed as the weak. 外国人比较看重个人独立性,受人照顾往往被视为弱者

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