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exclusive to one of the political reporters for the Jackson newspaper

Assembly house

封装的英文单词 What are the words in the package?

have thought it would be an excellent rule t

“LED封装形式” "LED package format" “LED封装形式” "LED package format"

在工程下面下右击你写好的文件,选择"Create Symbol Files for Current File"就可以生成了,然后在block文件中添加symbol时就可以看到libraries下的project目录里面出现了你刚刚生成的symbol.

MELF是圆柱状金属电极无引线接口技术,“MELF”一词来自于这种技术的英文名称“Metal Electrode Leadless Face”。 MELF封装技术产生于上世纪八十年代后期。它的出现使一些长期困扰业界的问题得以顺利解决。其中最显著的一个是,过去玻璃质地的二极...

+Vs, (供电电压) Vout (输出电压) GND (地线) Plastic Package (塑料包装) Metal Can Package (金属罐包装) Bottom View (底部视图) Small Outline Molded Package (外轮廓压模包装)

TO: transister outline

47uf25v贴片电容封装 47uf25v SMD capacitor package 重点词汇释义 贴片paster 封装encapsulation; package; potting; enclosure

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