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你若幸福 便是终点 用英语说

certain about the destination when you can feel the happiness around

You are my sunshine. If you are happy, it will be the end.话说有个东西叫做英文在线翻译的

If you well is sunny, if you happiness is the end

if you fine,it's sunny;you happy,it's end.

Sunny day comes from your peace, terminus appears with your felicity.

If your happiness is the end point.

If you are fine,that will be sunny,If you are happiess,that is the end.


我试试吧:your safe and sound is my sunshine, your happness is my destination.上面的翻译过来就是:你的安好是我的晴天,你的幸福是我的终点,和你的本意有点区别,如果直译的话会有点奇怪.直译是:If you are well, it's sunny. If you have happiness, it's the end. 才疏学浅,希望能帮上忙~~

他若幸福,便是终点 If he is happy, it is the end

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