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it seems to him that they can never find a method to solve this problem. Instead of waiting for teacher's explanation, they try hard to find the method to solve the provlem. It is important for her to master the opportunity of ...

For example, Shanghai Jin-ho Electric Co., Ltd., the company name "Jinhao" how translation?

1 such as 的同义词组有 for example 都是例如的意思 2 随着因特网的广泛使用”翻译:with the wide use of the internet 3 First 或firstly 可以作为插入语,一般作为句子当中的最前面

1.The gengral manager hand out the importance file to the branch manager. 2.Deceive the buyer and tax evasion make up them days business policy. 3.In English mathematics can or short as maths or math. 4.This city be known as ec...

opus display/works display/writing display前边的依照情况而定,display一定要用到 。

a great quantity of (接可数或不可数)大量 a good deal of (接不可数名词)许多,大量 a large amount of (接不可数名词)大量 a little (表示肯定)一些,一点点 a lot of (接可数、不可数名词) 大量的,许多 a number of (接可数名词)若干,许多...

Security and Emergency Center 保障应急中心即安全应急中心,应急可翻译为emergency operation/care,但是emergency后面的词往往可以省略掉

1.higher demands 更高的需求 2.the same qualifications 同等资格 3.a waste of time 浪费时间 4.to conduct important research 进行重要研究 5.the art of job-hunting 找工作的艺术 6.a personnel manager 私人经理 7.to fill the position ...

have a good summer holiday 过一个愉快的暑假 come back from… 从……回来 work for … 为……工作 feel sorry for… 对……深表同情 a disabled children’s home 一家残疾儿童养育院 the whole holiday 整个假期 tell stories to kids 给小孩讲故事 le...

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