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为什么英语可以说ovEr thErE不能说At thErE?

over there 是固定搭配 there是副词,所以前面不能加介词at

there是副词 不能与介词连用。

at、on、in这三个介词除了表示时间外,还可以表示地点。下面连同高频词汇to一起讲讲他们用法的一些区别。 at 强调点,on 强调面,in 强调在里面,to 则是表示范围外,具体区别如下: at主要用在: (1) at通常指小地方,如:home,school (2) at通常...

你好,这道题目选A。 C之所以错误是以为dare做情态动词一般不会用在一般陈述句中的。 下面是dare的用法,你可以看一下。 1) dare用作实义动词,此时其后的动词不定式可带to也可不带to,且dare有人称和数以及时态的变化。例如: I dare to jump ...

B D A A to 有指向性 谁的照片是所属关系 所以用of

1.We are going to have a class outing next week。 When are you going to have a class outing? 2.My school day I get up at six in the morning. Then I wash my face and brush my teeth. After a quick breakfast, I go to school in my ...

that store his trousers just now 一点也不 在那边 在操场上

mean ; means ; park

二者都可以, 但根据回答,说明问题问他的职业,所以B. 问他的职业:Dou you know what he is? He is a teacher. 问他是谁: Dou you know who he is? He is Lihua's father.

there at going picture book the am to i look over 可以组成英文句子:I am going to look at the picture book over there.

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