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一直重复唱shAll wE的英文歌

Letting Go - Jo De La Rosa Gotta get myself together Try to make it through tonight Tell myself the way we were never broken There are times thought I might be Finding ways to make it right That you walked away and opened up my...

Dawin - Bikini Body 这首吗?


Pornstar - Niels van Gogh Walk up in the club wit a lotta girls Hanging round my neck like diamonds and pearls Me and my crew we gonn rock the house Makes your chick turn inside out Wow I just can't believe it Tonight gonna be ...

we shall rise 歌手:emmylou har 歌手:feel so bad 专辑:no more shall we part And no more shall we part It will no longer be necessary And no more will I say, dear heart I am alone and she has left me And no more shall we part ...

你看看会不会是bon jovi的always?虽然高潮不是shall we,但有一句话唱到some that...some that..的时候也挺激动的。。。 你听听看: Always 歌手:Bon Jovi This romeo is b...

We Can Be Strong http://www.kuwo.cn/yinyue/239206/ 是不是啊= =

robin ——show me love??

Living To Love You 播放 歌手:Sarah Connor All we had was just one summer two lovers strolling in the park but like they say the world keeps turning as the leaves were falling we should fall apart Now im waiting for the winter ...

don't cry Guns 'N Rosses

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