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last weekend Yesrerday was a fine day.We had lunch in a resturant.I play with my sister.She was very happy.At about two o'cock,we saw a film.THE film was very interesting .IT was very funny.Then we went to a park.WE flew a kite.The kite was

my last weekend last weekend,the weather was good and my father brought me to my uncle's garden,i was very happy.we arrived uncle's garden at 9 o'clock,my uncle was very happy to see me.i decided to help my uncle to do some easy work. when

I went to the zoo last weekend.I got to there by bus.The weather was so hot,so I only spent two hours there.In the zoo,I saw many animals,elephant,dog,koala,panda……I saw a cat,but it looks like a tiger,my good!But all in all,I had a good time there~上

I'm Liu Yun. I visited my grandparents with my mom and dad last weekend. My mother helped my grandparents wash clothes and clean the room, My father cooked meals for us. And I watched TV .On Sunday morning, I went to a park with my

I had a happy weekend last week.On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents' and my brother's. On Sunday, I played football in the park.

Last weekend was very busy.My father and I were in Beijing.In the morning,the weather was sunny and warm.We ate breakfast in a restaurant.Then we toke the bus to the Great Wall.The Great Wall is very

last weekend ,i go to the park .There are many people in the park.I walk by the rivers.Some pupils are fishing.Some women are talking on the grass.Some old men are playing chess.Two birds are singing in the tree.The leaves are yellow and green.

last weekend i was busy.the weather was sunny.on saturday morning i did my homework and washed clothes.in the afternoon.i played computer.iwent to visited feng shun park sunday morning.i went there by bike.than i visited my grandparents in the afternoon.ihad a good time.

Last week was special for me. Because it was my birthday. My mother took me to the home of my grandmother in countryside. I saw the high mountain and clean water. Besides, my grandmother gave me a bottle of candy as gift. The was the happiest birthday

1. Last weekend I was busy.2. In the morning, I went fishing with my parents.3. At noon, I swam in the sea.4. In the afternoon, I played football with my friends.5. In the evening, I helped my mom cook firstly, then I watched TV after supper.6. At the

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