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你好!歌名是breaking my heart仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

straight through my heart[00:04.53]Hooohhhhhhhh [00:08.04][00:09.88]In the heart [00:11.83]Of the night [00:13.68]When it's dark [00:15.64]In the lights [00:16.93]I heard the loudest noise [00:20.45]A gunshot on the floor [00:22.84]Ohhhh ohhhhh [00:

正妹 演唱:罗百吉 AII the hot girls in the club are hot like that hot like that AII the sexy ladies make you move like that move like that When we in the bed you make me rock like that rock like that Eenie meenie miney moe hot girls are in control oh

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you were my everythingThis goes out to someone that wasOnce the most important person in my lifeI didn''t realize it at the timeI can''t forgive myself for the way I treated you soI don''t really expect you to eitherIt''s just I don''t even knowJust listen

We Found Love - Rihanna Yellow diamonds in the light And we're standing side by side As your shadow crosses mine What it takes to come alive It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny But I've gotta let it go We found love in a hopeless place We

最后一首情歌 苏琛 Sorry 情歌要怎么写我不会,是不是应该慢慢体会,才能写出诗的美,Sorry 弱水三千的美怎描绘,是不是要自醉才能对,为何天公不作美,嘿 这是我写的第几回,看鸟儿成双成对飞,这次又写给哪位,Say 也许是没有相依偎

歌名:Just the way you are 歌手:Bruno Mars 《Just the way you are》是由美国男歌手Bruno Mars演唱的一首歌曲,收录于专辑《Doo-Wops & Hooligans》中,为专辑的首支单曲,发布于2010年7月20日.

young for you

黄义达的broken heartbroken heart 留下了broken heart你带走他 留下了我伤心的broken heart 破碎的broken heart请带我走 别留下我没眼睛没声音没了你没呼吸时间把美丽变成灰烬My Only Love My Only Angel一句我爱你 And Last ForeverMy Only

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