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Don't lEAvE thE Dirty DishEs in tEn kitChEn

don't leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen 不要在厨房里留脏盘子


dirty dishes 脏盘子 双语例句: 1. Get all these dirty dishes away! The place is like a pigsty! 把这些脏盘子统统拿走!这地方看上去像猪圈了! 2. Will we not always dart out from under dirty dishes with uncanny speed? 我们不还是能从...

1. The research showed an association(相关性) between diet and various diseases. 2. I don't think this case is really of great surprise. 3. A bus takes us from the airport to the city. 4. He competed(竞争)with a number of o...

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