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dirty dishes 脏盘子 双语例句: 1. Get all these dirty dishes away! The place is like a pigsty! 把这些脏盘子统统拿走!这地方看上去像猪圈了! 2. Will we not always dart out from under dirty dishes with uncanny speed? 我们不还是能从...

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歌曲名:Dirty Dishes 歌手:Scotty McCreery 专辑:Clear As Day Scotty McCreery - Dirty Dishes QQ : 349777127 Mama hollers "Supper time, And don't make me tell you twice Wash your hands and wipe your face. The table's no place for y...

1. The research showed an association(相关性) between diet and various diseases. 2. I don't think this case is really of great surprise. 3. A bus takes us from the airport to the city. 4. He competed(竞争)with a number of o...

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