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lt ls ovEr thErE的问句是什么

It's over there的问句是:Where is it?

My school is over there。我的学校在那边。 改成一般疑问句为: Is your school over there?你的学校在那边吗?

The station is over there改为一般疑问句 Is the station over there?

情态动词提前,变人称,照抄can you see a bird over there?

Are his jeans over there?

1、Is there a ticket office over there? 2、You shouldn't play outside. 3、Did he buy an ice-cream for you? 4、She doesn't want a green shirt. 5、Let's don't go into the shop.

Can we use the bag over there?

1.The girls are singing over there.改为疑问句: What( does)the girls ( do)over there? 2.Today is July 24th ( What /s)the ( date )today? 3.The classroomis nice.改为感叹句: ( What)( a )nice classroom! 4. I like collecting stamps...

There are twelve students over there. 1 改为否定句 There aren't twelve students over there. 2 对划线部分提问 How many are there students over there? 3 改为一般疑问句 Are there twelve students over there? 做肯定回答 Yes ,there are.

Is the boy over there your good friend?

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