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lt ls ovEr thErE的问句是什么

It's over there的问句是:Where is it?

over there固定搭配。在那儿 Is that a hotel over there? 那儿是个旅馆吗?

Where is he?

Can I see……

My school is over there。我的学校在那边。 改成一般疑问句为: Is your school over there?你的学校在那边吗?

Is there a house over there? 祝LZ学习进步 满意请采纳 谢谢

Is Mike over there?

Mei Ling is over there. 一般疑问句:Is Mei Ling over there.? 两种回答:yes,she /he is No,she/he isn't 否定句:Mei Ling isn't over there 划线部分提问 where is Mei Ling ? Over there is Jia Ming. 此题是倒装句 一般疑问句: Is Jia M...

Is the woman over there in a black coat your aunt? 希望我的回答能够帮到你,望采纳! 祝你学习进步,天天快乐。O(∩_∩)O

Is there a bus over there? aren't there many pupils on the playground? do the girls have any hats? aren't these boys tall? does not Mr. Li have many books? don't you have a red pen? don't your friends have many pencils? 小朋友...

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