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梧兆:sing a song for you 梧返:radiohead In my heart is where I long for you In my smile I search for you Each time you turn and run away I cry inside My silly way, just too young to know any more In my world the devil dances and dares To leave my

don'll be coming home 厘侮佚低嶮氏指社Til that day,徭喇徭壓I try to make terms with time 厘編彭嚥扮高器撹亅咏,厘氏葎低遇蟹I'll be coming home 厘侮佚低嶮氏指社Til that day;ll send my love;ll sing for you 欺椎匯爺;t want to fall asleep

happ for you sing you委哂猟鍬咎撹嶄猟葎低互佶蟹梧杏壅心心艶繁奕担傍議.

葎谷勣蛍蝕諒 SING FOR YOU - 表和崘消 - why won't you sing with me, if you're feeling me なにも岑(し)らないで冱(い)いたい慧籾(ほうだい)の everyday ほっとけばいいんだ i only care about my sweeties 焚担脅音岑祇誨芥侭

梧丞飯慰侑志永 sing for me槻蕗議,音狛嗤溺蕗斤蟹,醤悶蟹焚担梨阻,辛參臥匯和

I don't want to fall asleep tonight 書絡厘音詒詼Cos I fear the world I wake up to 咀葎厘斤佰栖朔勣中斤議弊順割諾侶上Is one without you 椎頁短嗤低議弊順Every time I close my eyes 耽輝厘液貧凛商I don't wanna dream if dreaming is without you

Follow me, follow me you know低岑祇議,効彭厘That I could be the one for you厘氏撹葎低議率匯I could save you from your hurt厘音氏斑低鞭欺販採彬墾You could leave this crazy Earth低氏垓宣宸決髄議弊順When society's too dirty for your dreams

I don't want to fall asleep tonightCos I fear the world I wake up toIs one without youEvery time I close my eyesI don't wanna dream if dreaming is without you Don't let it die, dont let it goDon't wanna face the world aloneI cant make it on my ownI'll wait

俊彭嫖簒佶議及匯鞘(及屈鞘..):伉並均持撹阻僣 在撹梧斤低房廷低嬬倦油需 I'll Sing for you 恷朔匯鞘:峪訥竭油 I'll Sing for you

梧返:Muse梧爆:Sing for absolution 頼屁梧簡式鍬咎:Lips are turning blue恁棺延撹阻清弼A kiss that can't renew匯倖音氏壅栖議稜I only dream of you厘知需議峪嗤低My beautiful厘議胆繁Tiptoe to your room旌貼砺濬低議型寂A starlight in the

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