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Time changes.

time for change 改变的时机

歌曲名:Time for a change 歌手:Ehsan 专辑:Genuine Ehsan - Time for a Change It's never never too late It's time for time for a change Stop that's enough You keep on fussing no I'm nothing rather see you smile Not giving up girl ...


一般用change over time 多一些 意思是随着时间的变化 前者是change with the times多一点 这个事随着时代的变化

change-over time转换时间 短语 Shorten type change-over time 缩短机种转换时间 例句: We include the storage of the part program data in the CNC for the shortestchange-over time and repeatable rolling process. 我们提供的共参数储...


every moment of my life — sarah connor Everytime I leave to head out on the road I wanna take you with me to save me from the cold No matter where I go wrong You'll be there to turn it into right I will love you every moment of...

是“时间可以改变一切吗?”的意思。。。 回答是否定的。。。 有些东西一辈子都不会改变。。。比如 父母对你的爱是永远不会变的 还有就像以前日本人的保守与迷信 看到镜子就惊恐万分 以为会“吸收自己的灵魂" 现在看来是无稽之谈 不是吗? 还有真理...

Time for change 时光之于改变,改变的时刻 "It is time for change, the right kind of change, change that trusts in the strength of free people and free markets," he said. 他说:“是变化的时候了,适当的变化,将改变人们对自由人民和自...

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